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U-Report Fiji is;

  • A FREE two-way communication between community and government that is open to everyone.
  • U-Reporters receive weekly polls on important topics that are sent directly to their phones or through Facebook, Twitter and Smartphone Apps. It can also be used to alert community members to critical information.
  • U-Report is an anonymous, voluntary opt-in free service that you can leave at any time
  • U-report is transparent with individual responses that are confidential with the results collated in real-time and mapped on the U-Report Fiji site for discussion on social media and local media channels.
How will we use U-Report information?

In times of emergency, governments and humanitarian organisations need to be able to prioritise assistance to affected populations, ensuring that needs are quickly identified or filled. As emergency response moves to recovery and preparing for the next one, information needs are time-sensitive and many.
In turn, people that have been impacted by an emergency have urgent requirements for timely and accurate information. They also need to be confident that their needs and concerns have been heard and addressed by those responsible for delivering relief and assistance. Fijians need to be able to safely and quickly report concerns, complaints and abuses, and get support where appropriate.

U-Report is one means of ensuring two-way communication between community and government. It allows the Government of Fiji, and others providing emergency assistance, to work with affected communities to demonstrate mutual accountability – and a mutual commitment to fair and transparent emergency response.  U-Report Fiji is being set up as a tool to inform the foundations of a community feedback system for the recovery phase of the Cyclone Winston response. This will ensure that the voices of the Winston affected communities are heard.  

What will U-Report Fiji do?

U-Report Fiji uses free SMS, Facebook and the U-Report App (Android and iOS) to send the volunteer U-Reporters polls, alerts and useful information with real-time responses collected anonymously and shared both with government focal points and the public.  


UNICEF Pacific is working closely with The Government of The Republic of Fiji to pilot the SMS-based polling platform “U-Report” to form the foundations of a Community Feedback System for the TC Winston recovery, for future emergency preparedness and response and to encourage regular community feedback on development issues, particularly the engagement and participation of Fijian Youth on issues impacting them. Under the leadership of a National Steering Committee important issues will be polled including questions on health, nutrition, education, water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter and other aspects of the Winston emergency response. Data received can be disaggregated by age, gender, division and province in real time. Registration is voluntary with SMS free to the users across all networks.

U-Report relies on volunteer community members serving as U-Reporters on a free entry, free exit basis to provide information on issues in their communities. U-Report allows citizens to speak-out on what is happening in their communities, provides a forum to amplify their voices through local and national media, sends alerts to key stakeholders about the issues their constituents are facing, and feeds back useful information to the U-Reporters, so they are empowered to work for change and improvements in their localities themselves.

 If you have any questions please post them on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UReportFiji/

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